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Established in the year_____, based in one of the most ancient landmarks in Nigeria and is responsible for equipping people from diverse walks of life with the knowledge and discipline needed to take on life from a vantage point.

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Called to serve humanity

NUNSA OAU prides itself in service to humanity via its commitment to three major things:
Growth and excellence of young scholars towards the end that they are well-seasoned in this field of study; Raising thought-provoking leaders that can influence and drive change in various sectors of the world, particularly the health sector; Raising individuals in touch with their emotions yet confident in their approach to life and people.

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Nursing science is a 5-year course under the BNSc program and 4 years for direct entry candidates with evidence-based nursing practicals and students’ educational aids.



Extracurricular activities are being offered here to achieve a healthy balance with academics, enhance self-growth and development, foster interpersonal and interdepartmental relationships.

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Health Week

NUNSA OAU Health Week is a fun-filled, educative and bonding experience that traverses a week with various activities lined up in a cascade

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NUNSA OAU has the Executive and Parliamentary arms of government that are concerned with overseeing the affairs of the students within the provisions made available by the constitution of the associatio

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Nursing OAU with a standard educational framework

Learned Lecturers and experience-rich instructors

Nursing OAU is a proud host for well-read and experience-rich lecturers and instructors.

Effective E-learning facilities and resources

A functional E-library equipped with education materials and E-learning platforms for on-site and online nursing students.

Upgraded Curriculum

Nursing OAU works with a new standard of learning in order to enhance knowledge in diverse fields of study to meet global standards.


  • Improving and enhancing surgical procedure through the invention of the Nigeria’s first locally made surgical headlamp by Nnabuife Greg Chigozie
  • Recognition for helping in combating COVID19 by creating face shield for PPEs for health workers by Onwu Ifeoma Martina.
  • Awards and recognition in various inter-school and international functions.
  • Names, pictures of their achievements and the year - Students that travelled internationally

Departmental Dues


₦8,000 / session

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₦1,500 / session

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